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delet­ing twit­ter like a nerd


for a long time I’ve want­ed to move on to the indieweb/​fediverse world from twit­ter and co. I fig­ured delet­ing my tweets would be a great way­point for my tran­si­tion. Twitter did­n’t pro­vide any tools for batch dele­tion, and all the online twit­ter dele­tion ser­vices only allowed a lim­it­ed num­ber of dele­tions on their free tier. So I decid­ed to do some good old snoop­ing and try to do it myself. It turned out to be much eas­i­er than I’d anticipated.


push-to-talk on linux


Regularly doing online meet­ings and let­ting every­one lis­ten in on your fam­i­ly dra­ma because you for­got to mute the call is almost a rite of pas­sage for remote work­ers. Sadly too few devices come with a hard­ware micro­phone mute but­ton. So let’s hack togeth­er a soft­ware push-to-talk for Linux!

You are going to need these:

  • xbind­keys
  • xset
  • setxkbmap
  • pulseau­dio or pipewire
  • an X11 desk­top environment
  • a key­board key to sacrifice


to start with, a very moti­va­tion­al quote about starting:

The secret to get­ting ahead is get­ting started.

Mark Twain